Social Venture Internship

For Students

Learn the fundamentals of entrepreneurship while working to launch your own social venture. You will navigate the entire startup process, including formulation, pitching, prototyping, and go-to-market strategies – leaving you with meaningful experience, professional certifications, and powerful network connections.


  • Two self-paced courses - often approved by institutions for 3 college credits each*
    • SE 101 - Social Entrepreneurship Fundamentals
    • SE 102 – Social Venture Formulation
  • Group coaching, led by Professor Mike Caslin and the GCSEN team
  • Flexible scheduling - web-based/learn from anywhere
  • Web-based, work from anywhere
  • Achieve two Social Entrepreneur certificates, including LinkedIn badges Receive Professional/grad school references provided by GCSEN
  • Expand your professional and support network connections

* For confirmation, please contact your institution’s career advising department for guidance.

Learning Goals

  • Analytical and Critical Thinking Skills to evaluate business issues

  • Technological Skills for developing solutions

  • Written and Oral Communication Skills to convey ideas and information effectively and persuasively.

  • Civic Awareness and Ethical Decision-Making to guide students through ethical dilemmas in business.  Increased awareness of political, civic and public policy issues affecting a 4P Social Enterprise venture.

  • Awareness of global economic issues and cultures.  

  • Business Knowledge/Integrative Abilities:  Students will apply 4P Social Enterprise business management knowledge effectively in business formulation, problem specification, and problem-solving.

  • Proficiency in Social Entrepreneurship: Students will have an increased understanding of and intellectual competence in the discipline of 4P Social Entrepreneurship.