The Role of Executive Chairman

The Role of Executive Chairman

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September 01, 2017
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Region of the world: North America
Topic: Entrepreneurship, Governance, Leadership, Management, Organizational Structure
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John Katzman asks a tough question he’s struggled with in many roles. What is the proper role of Executive Chairman and the relationship to the CEO? Reflecting on his own experience as Chairman of the Noodle Companies, John wonders about the ideal level of influence or authority he should wield with respect to the CEO, explicitly and implicitly. With the CEO answering ultimately to the leadership of the Chairman of the Board, could the Chairman actually make decisions to run the company? Or is the Chairman’s role merely to set the right pieces in motion while helping out with sales and deal-making? If there is latitude for fluidity in the corporate power dynamic, what framework would you propose to set optimal conditions for a healthy collaborative leadership of checks and balances between an Executive Chairman and a CEO? John wants both general insight into corporate theory as well as specific advice for his management of the Noodle Companies.