Society for Case Research Spring Conference MBAA

Call For Papers


  •  Submission Guidelines  Specific guidelines for writing cases and teaching notes are available on the SCR website. These guidelines include specific instructions on the format of the papers to be submitted (see Manuscript Guidelines for Authors). Submissions will be reviewed and supportive feedback will be provided to authors during the conference.
  •  Student Awards  SCR also supports the participation of students in the conference as a way of developing the next generation of case writers and researchers. Students that submit work that is accepted for participation in the SCR conference can apply for a merit-based student travel award/scholarship to help support their attendance. Guidelines for applying for this award can be found at Student Travel Award Criteria
  •  Conference Registration  Participants will register for the conference at MBAA International, click on the registration link, and designate the “Society for Case Research” as the “Primary” track. Additional information about the conference can be found at MBAA International Annual Conference
  •  Submission deadline extended to February 15, 2022. Submissions should be uploaded as ONE SINGLE FILE containing the cover sheet, summary sheet, case, teaching note, or other required documents. Follow the link below to upload your submissions:

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