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The Society for Case Research (SCR), founded in 1978, facilitates the exchange of ideas leading to the improvement of case research, writing, and teaching; assists in the publication of written cases or case research and other scholarly work; and provides recognition for excellence in case research, writing and teaching.

If you would like to become a member of this growing international group of "Scholars bringing reality to the classroom", please join today.

SCR publishes three scholarly journals, the Business Case Journal (BCJ), Journal of Case Studies (JCS), and the Journal of Critical Incidents (JCI). Please see Publications for an overview of each journal. In addition, SCR publishes the proceedings of the annual conference. All active members receive these publications and the newsletter as membership benefits.

SCR Updates

2022 SCR Annual Meeting

March 23-25 |Submissions Due: January 7

The annual Society for Case Research (SCR) conference is a great opportunity for novice and experienced case writers to present cases, critical incidents, papers, and panels, and exchange ideas about case research.

2022 SCR/GJCS Summer Workshop

Date: TBD

This workshop is a great opportunity for you to receive feedback from other case writers about your cases, critical incidents, and embryo cases.

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