Society for Case Research MBAA 2020

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Kevin K. Ile, Lyna M. Matesi

Business Expansion in the Book Printing Industry: Why Specific Markets Aren't Scared of Tech

Abstract In an era of sweeping technological advances, a mid-sized publishing company in Central Wisconsin is making the decision to expand its operations. Worzalla, Inc. has announced a $12.5 million expansion that comes in the form of adding 50,000 square feet to its 300,000 square foot building. This extension will not only physically expand the current facility, but it will pave the way for modernization throughout the business. Worzalla is not planning on shifting their target markets, however. Leaders of the company explain that demand for their products is so high they are being forced to turn customers away as their current space and capital cannot satisfy the desired amount of business. An expansion sounds like a practical solution to this problem. Will the continuing tech transformation justify the decision by Worzalla to expand its business operations? Learning Outcomes In completing this assignment, students should be able to: 1. Pair qualitative and quantitative data to aid in decision making 2. Discuss the impacts of expanding business in the context of evolving economic and technological landscapes 3. Assess factors to develop a framework for decision making 4. Use a grid analysis to help determine adverse and desired outcomes Application This case is most appropriate for undergraduate level courses in finance, production-operations management, organizational behavior, or business leadership for managers Key Words expansion, decision making, technology, demand, publishing Contact