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Manuel Francisco Morales-Contrerasa, Teresa Corzo Santamaríab, Rafael Vara Garcíac, Lucía Barcos Redínd

Project Based Learning in master programs. An immersive cross-discipline experience

Currently, business management education demands a combination of advanced academic theoretical knowledge with its practical application. Both the academic concepts and the real business world application will prepare students to improve their skills and offer them better job opportunities. Experiential learning combining both theory and practice has become a differential aspect in higher education, mainly in graduate programs. There are different forms of experiential learning in management higher education, project-based learning (PBL) being one of them. PBL is a content-specific approach, where students actively participate during the learning process, studying and analysing real business problems and questions, and teamworking to provide them with the best solutions. This approach not only develops technical or hard skills but also improves soft skills as students are responsible for communication, social interaction with different stakeholders (team members, business managers, customers, suppliers, etc.), public presentations and share knowledge, engagement, commitment, and motivation.