Regulatory Complexity of International Expansion

Regulatory Complexity of International Expansion

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September 01, 2017
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Region of the world: North America
Topic: B2B, Cross-border Regulatory Policy, Global Education Policy, International Expansion, Market Entry, Sales
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CEO Nicole Neal has often been asked how Noodle Markets would expand from the established base in U.S. K-12 education. Given this is a public space where Noodle Markets solves a problem for governments, Nicole wants to focus next on solving the same problem for public education globally. Considering the U.S. has 15,000 school districts each with differing rules and regulations, complexity will only be magnified internationally across different laws, languages, cultures, and public education structures. What are the cultural, legal, and regulatory factors to consider in a global expansion plan? It will be a major challenge to incorporate differing commercial procurement rules across national borders, so Nicole needs your help with economic research in advance.  Help Nicole shape a strategy that is adaptive to the myriad challenges abroad. Which countries or regions are most ripe for Noodle Markets to enter first in 2016-2017, and what should be on the roadmap thru 2020? From a marketing outreach perspective, how would you identify and contact vendors in these regions? Lastly, how would you sell the value proposition tailored to the right pain points for educational institutions in each international region?