Project-based Service Learning: A Tool for Educational Enrichment

Project-based Service Learning: A Tool for Educational Enrichment

Mirjeta Beqiri, Adriane Leithauser Journal of Jesuit Business Education (JJBE)
July 01, 2017
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Region of the world: North America
Topic: Ethics & Social Justice
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Keywords: Jesuit, Business, Education, JJBE, CJBE, Research, Service Learning
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This paper aims to present how an MBA Quantitative Methods and Statistical Analysis course could serve as a model of experiential learning for graduate students. Although service learning may take many forms, this course uses a project-based approach. First, this paper presents the history of and the requirements associated with this particular project; secondly, it discusses various ways to select potential community partners as collaborators in this project; thirdly, it articulates project outcomes, including benefits for the students as well as the community; and, lastly, it shares challenges faced by students during this project, and offers suggestions in regards to how this project could expand to or integrate with other graduate and undergraduate business courses.