Speed D-bating: Ignatian Pedagogy Meets Speed Dating

Speed D-bating: Ignatian Pedagogy Meets Speed Dating

Joan Lee Journal of Jesuit Business Education (JJBE)
July 01, 2016
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Region of the world: North America
Topic: Organizational Behavior
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Keywords: Ignitatian Pedagogy
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Research shows that Millennial students learn differently (Rivera and Huertas, 2006, Pinder-Grover and Groscurth, 2009, Novotney, 2010, Bart, 2011, Nevid, 2011). These students want to understand the relevancy in their lives of what they are learning, prefer active and experiential learning approaches to traditional lecture format, and want to connect with their professors in a less formal manner than previous generations of learners. Ignatian pedagogy is particularly well suited to address these needs. “Speed D-bating,” a marriage of debating and key elements of speed dating, avored by Ignatian Pedagogy, is shown to be a way to use Ignatian pedagogy to address the learning preferences of Millennial students. “Speed d-bates” can be used in any class in which traditional debates are used, or in any class in which students are encouraged to consider multiple perspectives of an issue. Detailed information on a speci c use of the “Speed D–bating” technique in a Business Ethics class is discussed to assist others in replicating the approach.