The Competitive Advantage of Jesuit Business Schools

The Competitive Advantage of Jesuit Business Schools

Chris Lowney Journal of Jesuit Business Education (JJBE)
July 01, 2010
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Topic: Operations
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Keywords: Jesuit, Business, Education, Leadership, Comparison, Schools, Distinction
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I am neither a scholar of business, nor an academic. My perspective instead is rooted in two of my past experiences: I was a Jesuit seminarian for some half-dozen years; later I worked at JP Morgan & Co, and was lucky enough to serve as a Managing Director in Tokyo, Singapore, London, and New York. Drawing from these experiences, my purpose is three-fold: First, I want to offer four reasons why American business culture needs Jesuit business schools to “win.” Second, I want to review some Jesuit history and spirituality, which will highlight some of the resources which will help Jesuit business educators to win. Finally, I want to identify six challenges and opportunities for Jesuit business professors.