Journal of Jesuit Business Education VOLUME 1

Journal of Jesuit Business Education VOLUME 1

Stephen J. Porth, Ph.D. (Senior Editor) , Paul F. Buller, Ph.D. (Editor) , Joan L. Van Hise, Ph.D. (Editor) Journal of Jesuit Business Education (JJBE)
July 01, 2010
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Region of the world: North America
Topic: Ethics & Social Justice
Page length: 125
Keywords: Jesuit, Business, Education
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The Journal of Jesuit Business Education is the interdisciplinary journal of the Colleagues in Jesuit Business Education (CJBE). The journal is dedicated to the distribution of scholarly work and commentary with a focus on the distinctiveness of business education in the Jesuit tradition. Table of Contents The Distinctiveness of Jesuit Schools, Robert J. Spitzer, S.J. Are We Different? A Comparative Analysis of Jesuit Business Education, Joan L. Van Hise and Barbara M. Porco The Competitive Advantage of Jesuit Business Schools, Chris Lowney The Spiritual Exercises: A Paradigm for a Reflection on Good Teaching, Mary Ann Donnelly Advancing the Common Good: Does Justice Conflict with Markets? Paul L. Locatelli, S.J. Markets Organize Our Lives, Gerald F. Cavanagh, S.J. Getting to the Heart of Business Ethics, Robert J. Spitzer, S.J. Higher Education for Business in the Jesuit Tradition, Andre L. Delbecq, Gerald F. Cavanagh, S.J., John C. Haughey, S.J., Anthony Hendrickson, Michael Stebbins, Agnieszka Winkler