Employee Involvement with Product Innovation

Employee Involvement with Product Innovation

WeddingWire Real Time Cases
September 01, 2017

Region of the world: North America
Topic: Employee Motivation, Growing Pains, High-Growth, Management Decision-Making, Product Innovation, Top-Down / Bottom- Up, Leadership Styles
Keywords: Real Time Case
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When WeddingWire was just getting started, innovation and decision-making moved very quickly. Now that the company has more than 750 employees in two main offices (in Washington D.C. & Barcelona, Spain), the rapid, collaborative decision-making approach that brought initial success is no longer sustainable. However, it remains important that new and interesting ideas are heard. As the company continues to scale, how can they retain the best of both top-down and bottom-up product innovation practices? What is the “right way” to do this, while feeding WeddingWire’s culture of innovation?