Attracting National Brand Sponsors (with Pear)

Attracting National Brand Sponsors (with Pear)

CustomInk Real Time Cases
September 01, 2017

Region of the world: North America
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CustomInk acquired Pear ( in the middle of 2014. The Pear model is to help affinity groups connect with local, regional, and national sponsors, which has always been a goal for CustomInk. Since Pear works extensively with groups, CustomInk saw the company as a great complimentary service. CustomInk has integrated Pear into their custom design platform, but they have been experiencing a lot of difficulty attracting large corporate national sponsors. Marc is confident that Pear is a great way for large national brands to connect with prospective customers on a scalable grassroots level. Marc’s hypothesis is that large national brands typically move at a much more slower and deliberate pace.