Sales & Marketing Channel Development

Sales & Marketing Channel Development

CustomInk Real Time Cases
September 01, 2017

Region of the world: North America
Topic: Sales, Marketing, Business Development, Channel Development, Strategic Resource Allocation
Keywords: Real Time Case
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CustomInk is the largest player by revenue and market share in the custom merchandise marketplace. The company is now in their sixteenth year of business. Throughout their development, CustomInk has tried many different sales and marketing strategies to help fuel growth. From a marketing prospective, they engage in both traditional advertising (i.e., television, radio, print advertisements…etc.) and online/contemporary advertising (i.e., social media, SEO…etc.). In addition to this, CustomInk has experimented with acquisitions (i.e., with Pear) and the development of complimentary business extensions (i.e., with Booster). CustomInk needs your help to make the decision on what they should be doing next (or more of).