Data-Driven Delivery: UrbanStem’s Advantage

Data-Driven Delivery: UrbanStem’s Advantage

UrbanStems Real Time Cases
January 28, 2019
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Region of the world: North America
Topic: Design For Manufacture (DFM), Reverse Engineering, Techonology, Process Management, KPIs, Customer Requirements, Analysis, Concept, Synthesis
Keywords: Real Time Case
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UrbanStems wants to ensure that customers in their local on-demand markets have an optimal experience so that they become frequent repeat buyers. This means that bouquets need to arrive on time and in excellent condition, requiring a thoughtful approach to packaging. Delivery scenarios are complicated by the fact that many couriers transport the bouquets in boxes via bicycle. As the company experiments with higher-priced bouquets, their current boxes are not always large enough. Considerations around any new packaging range from the size bicycle couriers can feasibly handle to the amount of time it takes to prototype, impact on pricing and margins, customer perception, and much more. What does UrbanStems do when the boxes become too big for the bikes? Does UrbanStems adopt an alternative delivery option for the flowers? How does this affect costs, efficiency, and operational logistics?