Framebridge: Financing Successful Operations

Framebridge: Financing Successful Operations

Framebridge Real Time Cases
November 02, 2018
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Region of the world: North America
Topic: Data Analytics, Profitability, Ratio Analysis, Quantitative
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Framebridge’s model has proven compelling enough to secure investor funds, but there is pressure to achieve an optimal customer lifetime value (LTV). For a direct-to-consumer company, this comes down to marketing. However, Framebridge has only cracked the surface with early adopters, and there is no telling which segments, channels, and customer characteristics will best indicate potential for repeat purchasing—a key driver of LTV. To plan for the future, Kristin Muhlner, president and COO, needs better predictive capability to drive customer acquisition costs down and LTV up. How else can Framebridge track and identify opportunities to promote repeat purchasing behavior?