Developing the Scholastic Esports Ecosystem: League Governance

Developing the Scholastic Esports Ecosystem: League Governance

EGF (Electronic Gaming Federation) Real Time Cases
May 30, 2018
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Topic: Competitive Advantage, Governance, Ethics
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The Electronic Gaming Federation (EGF) is putting all of its energy into developing the market with their services to high schools and colleges to create esports programs. This infrastructure is the foundation of what EGF hopes to accomplish. However, the core and longevity of EGF depends not only on market capture but also sustained league governance, their second operating division. However, the burden weighs heavy with an ethical responsibility to the students and programs served and slow movement toward regulation in the professional esports arena. Collegiate esports needs a central governing body, but on what terms? NOTE: The case video begins with the section, A Dynamic Business Model: Organizing Ops to Meet Needs  [0:09 - 3:39]. This section is also used in the following case videos: Developing the Ecosystem: Media, and Developing the Ecosystem: Platform & Program Infrastructure.