Tio Goes for It: Growing the Company

Tio Goes for It: Growing the Company

Tio Gazpacho Real Time Cases
March 16, 2018
SKU: RTC-344

Region of the world: North America
Topic: Channels of Distribution, Market Analysis, Operational Entrepreneurship, Marketing Budget, Food and Beverage, Crossing Cultural Food Lines
Keywords: Real Time Case
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Since Allan’s first sales at a farmer’s market in Miami, Florida, the Tio Gazpacho product line has evolved in response to market needs, setting Allan on a journey to define a new category that Tio Gazpacho can call home in the food and beverage industry. As Allan looks to expand Tio’s reach, production logistics for a perishable item becomes a key factor in what Tio can achieve in the market. How can the Tio Gazpacho product line be expanded through optimizing operations and logistics?