Loyal Fans: Targeting the Best Customers

Loyal Fans: Targeting the Best Customers

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September 01, 2017
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Topic: CRM, Qualifying Leads, Cross-selling, Strategy, Loyalty, Customer, Targeting, Marketing, Customer Relationship Management, Sports Marketing, Salesforce, Digital Marketing
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For MSE’s new franchise teams, with little to no fan history nor existing customers, tracking social media data is an important way to try to understand who may become a fan and who they should target for sales. Ultimately, MSE needs tracking and analytic data to lead sales representatives to the right sales conversations. The question is: how should MSE identify their best customers, target them for sales funnel outreach and drive them through the funnel to the point that they are leveraging their social network to promote MSE events to their friends. How should the MSE sales strategy be part of the marketing plan?