Mobile First & Mobile Only

Mobile First & Mobile Only

Monumental Sports Real Time Cases
September 01, 2017
SKU: RTC-323

Region of the world: North America
Topic: Content Strategy, Media Strategy, User Experience, Product Management, Customer Focus, Jobs-To- Be-Done Analysis
Keywords: Real Time Case
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Meet Dan Shanoff, Head of Programming for Monumental Sports Network (MSN). The biggest challenge for Dan is that sports media has been geared around a hi-fidelity "lean-back" experience where the currency is live games. How should MSN adapt to the changing tastes of millennial viewers who may be comfortable with the on-the-go, "lean-in" experience of consuming a game on an iPhone on their own terms (according to Dan’s hypothesis)? How do production values of the old worldview fit into this new mindset of mobile not just as a second-screen experience, and not just mobile-first, but mobile-only?