Reinforcing Culture Through Human Capital Development

Reinforcing Culture Through Human Capital Development

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September 01, 2017
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Region of the world: North America
Topic: Culture, Employee Development, Employee Retention, Human Capital, Principled Leadership, Recruiting, Training
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Case Focus Reinforcing culture through recruitment, training, retention, and team development in the restaurant and hospitality industry   Case Introduction The established recruiting and training programs of ThinkFoodGroup have benefited Beefsteak both practically and culturally, as the right employees can make a huge difference in the customer service industry, where employees and how they are treated represent the brand. Moving forward with the rapid opening of new storefronts, it is foreseeable that current employees may need to take on more responsibility, calling for a Beefsteak-specific employee development program. How can Beefsteak reinforce employee transmission of company values through development programs that strategically benefit the company as it looks to the future?