Package Design: A Meal Experience Elevated Above the Ordinary

Package Design: A Meal Experience Elevated Above the Ordinary

Beefsteak Real Time Cases
September 01, 2017
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Region of the world: North America
Topic: Customer Experience Engineering, Design Thinking, Fast Casual, Product Design, Restaurant and Hospitality, User Experience
Keywords: Real Time Case
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Case Focus Designing the Beefsteak to-go packaging to cap the meal experience while still delivering on convenience  Case Introduction A lot of thought has gone into the experience of eating vegetables at Beefsteak, José Andrés’ new fast casual concept. However, the focus on vegetables--from how they are cooked to how the meal is assembled--poses a challenge for Beefsteak.  How do they translate the fun and fresh dining experience into a tasty meal that holds up overtime and still entertains?   Michael’s challenge is in developing packaging that is both functional, optimizing the flavors and textures of every ingredient, and embodies the Beefsteak brand and desired experience for the on-the-go consumer.  How can packaging extend the store front into a lifestyle?