Gaining Insight into Consumers of a Lifestyle Brand

Gaining Insight into Consumers of a Lifestyle Brand

Spoon University Real Time Cases
September 01, 2017
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Region of the world: North America
Topic: Consumer Behavior, Data Analytics, Key Performance Indicators, Measuring Impact, Consumer Insight, Consumer Experience, Marketing
Keywords: Real Time Case
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The idea for Spoon University developed in response to a social problem—college students’ lack of food-related knowledge. A community was then borne out of the production of a campus publication. Since then, involvement of college students in the co-creation of Spoon content has been vital to the success of the business. Thus, information about the college demographic and the community phenomenon created around Spoon chapters is necessary to direct content and platform decisions for continued growth. As a web-based company, there is plenty of potential for Spoon to use and develop tools to track and aggregate user data, but with student contributors actively in place across 450+ campuses, Spoon may also be well positioned to conduct research in the field. CEO Barth wants to know: What is the best way for Spoon to measure their impact on your college campus?