Cultural Relevance in a Multicultural Demographic

Cultural Relevance in a Multicultural Demographic

Wolf Trap Real Time Cases
September 01, 2017
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Region of the world: North America
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As a national park, Wolf Trap has a responsibility to host a wide diversity of musicians in order to represent all members of society. While the combined populations of nearby Fairfax county and the Washington, D.C. metro area are nearly 20% Hispanic, Wolf Trap patrons of Latin background comprise only about 3% of total audience members. Wolf Trap has taken steps to increase engagement with Hispanic community members, but they are facing a catch 22: to increase the number of Hispanic patrons they need to host more Latin musicians, but these performers prefer to play in venues that have large, well-established Latino fan bases. Wolf Trap needs your help identifying cost- and resource-effective methods that will build on their previous successes to connect with the Latin community.