Getting the Masses Without Mass Transit

Getting the Masses Without Mass Transit

Wolf Trap Real Time Cases
September 01, 2017
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While only fifteen miles outside the heart of Washington, D.C., Wolf Trap is facing issues attracting District residents to performances, largely due to the lack of public transportation access to their venues. Currently, the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area transit system, "The Metro", does not provide travelers with a stop at Wolf Trap. Hosting a variety of popular acts, offering craft beers, and selling local food, Wolf Trap believes that many young D.C. residents would enjoy their venues, if only they were easier to access from downtown. Wolf Trap needs your help assessing whether they should take action to make both their venues more accessible by pubic transit to attract these downtown crowds or if they should focus on engaging with a more suburban population, a solution that, ultimately, they have more authority and influence over.