Strategically Utilizing Corporate America for Fundraising

Strategically Utilizing Corporate America for Fundraising

Tri-County Scholarship Fund Real Time Cases
September 01, 2017
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Tri-County Scholarship Fund develops great relationships with corporate partners like Chubb, Goya, and many others. The goal is to use them and their network for their fundraising and programming needs. For example, with Chubb, TCSF has been able to recruit organizational leaders, host events, create an internship program, and place alumni in full time positions. For TCSF partnering with major corporations is about more than just raising money, it’s about raising awareness for their cause. TCSF is trying to figure out how they can further develop their existing network to result in more donations. The organization has found that partnering with these prestigious companies makes it much easier to raise money from potential donors in the future (both individual and corporate). The real questions are: What types of corporations would be the best to partner with? What should they aim to derive from the relationship? How do they effectively reach them?