Communicating Social Responsibility

Communicating Social Responsibility

Servy Real Time Cases
September 01, 2017
SKU: RTC-240

Region of the world: North America
Topic: Charity, Communications, Community, CSR, Giving, Incentives, Marketing, Outreach, Public Relations, Social Media
Keywords: Real Time Case
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Servy is reinventing the mystery dining industry through their seamless mobile application. For the first time, diners can provide specialized feedback to restaurateurs both during and after the meal from their phone. The goal is simple: provide restaurants with actionable information through vetted diners who are compensated for their time and effort. Servy's reviewer (consultant) rewards include a partial meal reimbursement and a meal donation to a local food bank. Servy's consultants are on-board for the discounted food but the company is having difficulty communicating their social responsibility initiative and they need your help.