White Labeling for New Companies

White Labeling for New Companies

Pinxter, Inc. Real Time Cases
September 01, 2017
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Region of the world: North America
Keywords: Real Time Case
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Pinxter, Inc.’s original application, Pinxter, focused on crowdsourcing feedback for users within the fashion space. By swiping left or right, Pinxter, Inc.’s platform allows people to collect feedback about different parts of their outfit. Their strategy has since been to target large successful companies within different industries to white-label engagement platforms. Their idea has been to focus predominantly on lifestyle brands (i.e., companies that operate within the lifestyle category). Pinxter, Inc. is hoping to use the same technology they have developed within Pinxter for different brands so that they can engage directly with their customers while their customers are engaging with one another. Although the company has decided that Lifestyle brands are ideal for their white-labeled approach, they are unsure at this time what category would be the best fit. Currently they are working in home design, fashion, weddings, and music.