Environmental Packaging

Environmental Packaging

ThinkFun Real Time Cases
September 01, 2017
SKU: RTC-156

Region of the world: North America
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Toy industry packaging has been the same for decades. Retailers expect toys to be boxed and suitable for displays. From a marketing perspective, boxes are expected to look appealing to customers. The management at ThinkFun wants to influence a change and encourage more environmentally friendly methods. How can ThinkFun adapt their packaging to be more environmentally conscious? Do you think they're heading in the right direction? How can they do this while still keeping their packaging appealing and marketable to customers? How should ThinkFun anticipate starting such a large shift in packaging? If they commit to more resourceful packaging, how can ThinkFun most effectively approach retailers that are comfortable with their seemingly outdated displays? What are the types of strategies you believe would be most effective? How can ThinkFun set the stage to be an industry leader for environmentally friendly toys and packaging?