Simultaneously Implementing an Internal and External Sales Strategy

Simultaneously Implementing an Internal and External Sales Strategy

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September 01, 2017
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Noodle is a vertical marketplace in the education space the focuses primarily on aggregating and delivering data to consumers. The company’s model is to monetize the business through the merchants trying to attract those consumers. John mentions that a typical sales force for a search engine is fairly unique. There is a small group in the market that already spends money on search engine advertising. There is a much larger group that consists of mom and pop-type organizations that don’t do advertising at all. For that reason, Noodle believes that they need both an internal and an external sales force. When it comes to attracting merchants that are already spending money on advertising, John mentions that an outside sales force seems to be more realistic. For their smaller, more naïve, clients, John believes that Noodle needs an internal sales force that can work on packaging the platform, impression, and clicks in a monthly subscription format.