The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: The Good, the Bad, and the Money

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: The Good, the Bad, and the Money

Cheryl B. Ward, Diane R. Edmondson Journal of Critical Incidents
January 01, 2015
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Topic: Marketing & Sales
Keywords: marketing, social media, consumer behavior, non-profit, social responsibility
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“C’mon, c’mon. . .” Josh muttered anxiously as he checked his social media, “maybe someone challenged me today.” Josh Bryant was a typical teen who had been waiting impatiently for someone to issue him the “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.” Not being challenged brought back bad memories of being picked last in gym class. Josh didn’t understand why some people were challenged multiple times while others were not invited to participate. The ALS Association had challenges to deal with as well. Having no way to anticipate the immense popularity of the Challenge, the organization was not prepared for the overwhelming response of the social campaign. The ALS Association realized they needed to evaluate the pros and cons of the Ice Bucket Challenge, acknowledging they were not exactly sure how to handle this success. Where did the organization go from here? Could they continue to build on the success of this social media campaign?