Please Don't Touch Me: A Time for Feedback?

Please Don't Touch Me: A Time for Feedback?

Claire L. McCarty, Elizabeth DeRosier, Mike Schechter Journal of Critical Incidents
January 01, 2016
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Region of the world: North America
Topic: Ethics & Social Justice
Keywords: sexual harassment, feedback, human resources management, management
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Alicia Jones and Kevin Killian worked for Midwest Products. More than once, Alicia experienced Kevin putting his arm around her when talking to her. She felt uncomfortable, and all she could think about was that arm. She stopped paying attention to their conversation. They weren’t close friends. He didn’t appear to be anything but friendly, but Alicia found it very intrusive. Upon finding out that he did this to his assistant, Monica Tabesh, Alicia realized he might be doing this to all women employees. She decided that she needed to take some action. What should she do? Is this sexual harassment? Should she talk to Kevin about his actions? How?