FutureGen: The Case for Environmentally-Friendly Coal

FutureGen: The Case for Environmentally-Friendly Coal

Hinckley, Jennifer E.; Gallo, Suzanne M.; Buflod, John G.; O’Rourke, J. S. (Editor) Notre Dame
February 12, 2018
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Region of the world: North America
Topic: Strategy & General Management
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The FutureGen Alliance was formed to develop an environmentally-friendly coal plant as a joint venture with the Department of Energy. As costs rose, the Department of Energy decided to withdraw participation from the FutureGen project. This withdrawal happened quickly and without prior knowledge from the FutureGen Alliance. The DOE also withheld the official “Record of Decision,” which would have allowed FutureGen to begin construction. In the end, what message should FutureGen CEO Michael Mudd take back to his consortium of investors? 10 pp. Case #08-13 (2008).