The Himalayan Challenge: Scale or Fail?

The Himalayan Challenge: Scale or Fail?

Ram Kumar Kakani, Monika Verma Journal of Critical Incidents
January 01, 2017
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Region of the world: Asia - Pacific
Topic: Strategy & General Management
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Keywords: leadership, team building, followership, communication
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A group of probationary officers from the Civil Service training academy took part in a day-long trek in the Himalayas during the month of October. Even though they had been trained for such treks, on the day itself a number of things went wrong. The group abandoned training concepts while battling exacting weather conditions. Midway through the trek the group got divided, and Dilip, the group’s leader, was faced with tough decisions. How should he have planned the trek differently? What directions should he have given his team in advance? At every step, how should he have brought the activities of all members of the group into alignment? How could he fulfill his commitments to the training academy while also trying to keep himself and his team members safe from harm in challenging conditions?