Disgruntled Employee

Disgruntled Employee

Neil Tocher, Tyler Burch, Dennis Krumwiede Journal of Critical Incidents
January 01, 2017
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Region of the world: North America
Topic: Strategy & General Management
Page length: 2
Keywords: interpersonal communication, conflict resolution, social competence, coalition solutions
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This decision-based critical incident describes Robert’s dilemma of how to handle a conflict between Dave, a longtime employee of Madison Team Construction (MTC), and Dave’s supervisor John. The conflict emerged when John asked Dave how much MTC would need to pay Dave to get him to quit his job and instead operate his own business as a full-time mechanic. John’s suggestion was intended to help Dave see that all parties might be better off if Dave was running his own business and MTC could contract Dave’s services, but Dave instead felt that he was being asked to resign immediately. The decision was complicated for Robert because Robert and John are both co-owners of the business (as well as brothers), and Dave was possibly their most valued and loyal employee.