Frances Mumford and Her Board of Advisors

Frances Mumford and Her Board of Advisors

Dawn E. Chandler Steven M. Cox Business Case Journal
January 01, 2016
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Keywords: Mentoring, developmental network, career development, career success
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This case details the early career trajectory of a recent college graduate who effectively leveraged mentoring to achieve career success. The protagonist, Frances Mumford, was not a naturally gifted computer scientist and found herself struggling to climb the learning curves necessary to be effective both during her college studies and again in her first post-college job. However, she did possess relational savvy, defined as protégé adeptness with nurturing and managing developmental relationships (Chandler, Hall, and Kram, 2010), which she used to build a personal board of advisors to help her meet her developmental needs (Shen, Cotton, & Kram, 2015) and increase her productivity and effectiveness. The discussion illuminates the value of mentoring and the importance of embracing and utilizing relational learning for career success.