Too Big For His Britches

Too Big For His Britches

Kay A. Hodge, Donald A. Carpenter Journal of Case Studies
May 01, 2015
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Region of the world: North America
Topic: Strategy & General Management
Page length: 5
Keywords: Small business management, succession planning, family-owned business
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Chad had been fired from a part-time job he enjoyed and where he had performed well. After a meeting with Dan, Sr., Chad went to his car and pondered the reason for his termination. He thought about the changes that had occurred at the business over the past several years. He also thought about what he had heard about the interactions between the Dan, Sr. and Dan, Jr., the owners of the business. He had great empathy for Dan, Sr. but he did wonder if letting Dan, Jr. was a smart move on the part of a man whom he had grown to admire over the past several years.