Good Fences, but Good Neighbor?

Good Fences, but Good Neighbor?

Joe D. Dobbins, Alexander R. Bolinger Journal of Case Studies
May 01, 2015
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Topic: Strategy & General Management
Page length: 7
Keywords: Integrative negotiation, multi-party negotiation, conflict management
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This case reported the experience of Trent, an entrepreneur who moved to the outskirts of a small town to purchase and revive a dilapidated orchard and farm. After planting trees to resupply the orchard, Trent discovered that American mule deer were coming down from the foothills and the open fields to eat the foliage from the trees, causing irreparable damage. Trent decided to have deer fencing installed to protect the trees. However, the deer fence installed by the first fence contractor was defective and Trent was forced to negotiate with a new contractor to reinstall the fence.