Contributing to an Ignatian Perspective on Leadership

Contributing to an Ignatian Perspective on Leadership

Ronald L. Dufresne, Karin Botto, E. Springs Steele Journal of Jesuit Business Education (JJBE)
July 01, 2015
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Keywords: Business, Leadership, Ignatian, Learning
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Few authors have articulated an Ignatian perspective on leadership. While Lowney’s Heroic Leadership and Byron’s Next-Generation Leadership have presented thoughtful answers to the question, “What is Ignatian leadership?”, other perspectives on leadership in the literature— for example, transformational, authentic, or servant leadership—have hundreds of related papers, chapters, and books for ampli cation. This is not the case with an Ignatian perspective, where the aforementioned authors stand relatively alone. In this paper, we will contribute to an Ignatian perspective on leadership by mining aspects of Ignatian spirituality and producing our own theoretical model of Ignatian leadership.