Europe's Boat People: A Moral and Political Disgrace

Europe's Boat People: A Moral and Political Disgrace

Ozzie Mascarenhas SJ, Ph.D. St. Aloysius
June 25, 2015
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Region of the world: Asia - Pacific, Europe
Topic: Strategy & General Management, Human Resources, Organizational Behavior
Page length: 9
Keywords: Boat|Moral|Political|disgrace|migration|immigration|Syria|Russia|civil war|officials|Mediterranean|refugees|European Union|crisis|refugee|Ozzie|Oswald|Masc|Ma|Mascarenhas|
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Cases in Corporate Ethics 1.2: Hundreds of thousands of migrants who are lucky enough to survive the journey to mainland Europe, land first on the so-called frontline states of Spain, Italy, Malta and Greece. From there, they travel on to other EU members. As Europe confronts a rapidly escalating migration crisis driven by war, persecution and poverty [...] The region’s refugee management system is broken.