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Monumental Sports
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Sports Management, strategy, Business Development, Customer Demographics, Transmedial Storytelling, Personalized Message, Women In Business, Quantitative, Differentiation, Targeting, Positioning
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Dana Campbell, Marketing Director for the Franchise Division of Monumental Sports & Entertainment (MSE), sees an opportunity
to solidify the relevance of their WNBA team, the Mystics, amongst Monumental’s current fan base. If Monumental’s base is any indicator, the
market for either male or female sports entertainment is about 64% male to 36% female consumers. For Campbell, this means that growth is a matter of opening the door to women’s leagues from within to leverage the existing fan base of their male counterpart teams. How can Campbell market to “the movable middle” to show that they can double their entertainment by following Monumental’s female teams? How can the Mystics get male basketball fans to try a Mystics game and experience D.C.’s WNBA?

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