Rethink the Office: Building a Team Liquid Campus

Team Liquid
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North America
Business Development, eSports, Human Resource Management, Location, Health and Wellness, Feasibility, Training, Work-Life Balance
Distributed by the Global Jesuit Case Series

Team Liquid CEO, Steve Arhancet, envisions a college-type campus for athletes and staff to live at and train in as the ideal for building the best possible teams. Currently, housing is spread across several neighboring apartments in a complex where living rooms have been adapted as offices or gaming spaces. Steve has allocated $5 million in cash to buy, lease, or rent a space to suit the following requirements: Housing for at least 25 players plus 10 staff (coaches, analysts, managers); within 20 miles of Santa Monica (LA); players can double up in rooms; high-speed internet (at least 300/300 line).

What should an eSports living-working-training facility look like, and what can Steve Arhancet feasibly do until he has the funds to make the complete vision possible?

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