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The New Patron Saint of Business?

Chris Lowney
July 1, 2014
North America
Ethics & Social Justice
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Business, Saint, Peter Farber
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I want to propose a new patron saint for business people: Peter Faber. Pope Francis will soon sign the Bull of Canonization recognizing Faber as a saint, and the relatively low-key elevation—no ornate mass in St. Peter’s Square for poor Faber—is in keeping with his relative obscurity in the Jesuit pantheon. Faber was among the handful who co-founded the Jesuit order in the mid-1500s, but he never quite attained the renown of St. Ignatius of Loyola and St. Francis Xavier. No Jesuit church is complete without some triumphalistic mural or statuary of Loyola or Xavier. But Faber? He is usually one of an indistinguishable line of black robed Jesuit extras, looking plastically pious at stage left of the mural.