Loyalty App Design for Brand Engagement at Beefsteak

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$11.00 (€9.83)
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North America
Customer Experience Engineering, Customer Service, Design Thinking, Gamefication, Loyalty Program, Mobile App Design, Restaurant and Hospitality, Tech Strategy
Distributed by the Global Jesuit Case Series
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Beefsteak seeks to go beyond the traditional fast-casual experience to achieve something greater, from how food is prepared to the values espoused by employees.  Translating these ideals to the consumer is of the utmost importance for Beefsteak to achieve its mission. This is why, as Jim states, they have “led with loyalty” by developing a rewards app.  Next steps involve enabling mobile pay as well as gamification features.  Jim wants to ensure the focus of this technology is a part of the holistic Beefsteak experience, that it can be tailored to the individual consumer, and that it is a reminder of the brand.  How can Beefsteak be tech-forward while retaining the humanistic element of Beefsteak that is central to the brand’s values?


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