José Andrés Foods: Converting Delectable Content Marketing to Sales

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North America
marketing, strategy, ROI, Consumer Engagement, Social Networks, social media, Social Media Platforms, Mobile, Website
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Case Focus

Analyzing the social media and content marketing of celebrity chef José Andrés Foods and tracking purchasing KPI’s to measure sales conversion of campaigns such as seasonal recipes and cooking demonstrations.

Case Introduction

Marisol Plata is the Senior Brand Manager of the ThinkFood Products, the curated line of José Andrés Foods, which are co-branded premium Spanish culinary staples and gourmet foods imported to the US to showcase Spanish cooking. Through various social media marketing growth initiatives, Marisol's marketing team has found the most effective way to reach the consumer is through content like seasonal recipe books and cooking demonstrations using these high-end gourmet Spanish products.

The challenge is to understand how to bridge the gap between marketing and retail purchasing.

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