Global Expansion Strategy Roadmap

Spoon University
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$11.00 (€9.76)
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North America
Global Business, International Expansion, Cost Benefit Analysis, culture, PESTLE, Quantitative, Culture Forces, Assess The National Enviornment, Basic Appeal
Distributed by the Global Jesuit Case Series
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Case Focus: Identifying global markets positioned for a new Spoon University chapter and online foodie community


Case Introduction: Spoon University is looking to expand internationally beyond their campuses, which are currently spread across United States, Canada, and a small presence in India and Scotland. Given this base, Chu needs a roadmap for a prioritized expansion plan. Spoon needs an analysis of the global markets to discover where the conditions are ripe for the unique foodie community they build. What regions of the globe and specifically which cities or college campuses should Spoon target for new chapters over the next a) six months, b) one year, and c) 2-3 years?

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