Early Retirement: Nurturing Human Capital for a Future Career Post-Gaming

Team Liquid
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North America
eSports, Benefits, culture, Human Capital, Recruiting, CSR, Reward, Incentive-based, Non-montary, Monetary
Distributed by the Global Jesuit Case Series

ESports athletes often begin their careers before they are legally adults. Due in part to loss of rapid reaction time with age, these careers then only span between 2-7 years, leaving athletes with much of their lives ahead of them. With the industry struggling to catch up to its own growth and form governing bodies, Steve Arhancet intends to influence the course the industry takes with its players. He also wants to position Team Liquid as the ethical standard for human capital management. Steve wonders about the extent of his ethical responsibility for his players’ futures, and how to best prepare them.


How can Steve better understand the needs of his players?  How can he best support their future career choices, when they themselves do not know what they are?



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