Developing the Scholastic Esports Ecosystem: Media

Electronic Gaming Federation
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North America
Scale, Lean Six Sigma, Optimization, Revenue, Interviewing, Staffing
Distributed by the Global Jesuit Case Series
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The Electronic Gaming Federation (EGF)’s Media division plays a significant role in building the ecosystem and to push esports further into the mainstream. It provides a source of recognition for EGF and its university members. In response to scale, it has become a huge part of EGF’s educational initiative to get students involved in the esports industry outside of gameplay by exposing them to potential careers, thus reinforcing the state of the industry. While revenue from advertisements and sponsorships may be a long-term goal, building the right foundation could dictate the ultimate potential of opportunity. How can EGF balance competing interests to build a better system?  

NOTE: The case video begins with the section, A Dynamic Business Model: Organizing Ops to Meet Needs  [0:09 - 3:39]. This section is also used in the following case videos: Developing the Ecosystem: League Governance, and Developing the Ecosystem: Platform & Program Infrastructure.

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