Developing a B2C Strategy

TAA Apparel
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North America
B2B vs. B2C, Brand Strategy, Feasibility, UVP, Competitive Advantage, Innovative-Growth, Managed-Growth
Distributed by the Global Jesuit Case Series

Ronen Ben Joseph, VP of Operations at TAA Apparel, notes there are structural industry shifts and consolidations in apparel retail due to the internet. There is a value migration from large brick-and-mortar retailers to e-commerce enabled by the internet. Consolidation is intensifying because nearly all of e-commerce growth is accruing to Amazon, the dominant internet retailer with massive warehousing and fulfillment operations. This provides challenges for traditional fashion retailers, namely, TAA’s typical clients; but it could be a great opportunity for TAA to launch a new B2C business model to market directly to consumers utilizing the internet, disrupting the competitive advantages of incumbent fashion brand retailers.

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