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Decisions to Learn From: The Life and Times of Brad Clancey

Brendan Bannister, Susan F. Sieloff, Raymond M. Kinnunen
January 1, 2015
North America
Strategy & General Management
15 pages
leadership, Executive decision making, entrepreneurship, divestiture, valuation of dicvestitude
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In 2010, Brad Clancey faced a tough executive decision. He believed that his company, Specialty Materials Technologies (SMT) might have to be sold. Because of significant and crucible life events, for Clancey (with a background in mergers and acquisitions), what would once have been a straightforward ‘on the numbers’ divestiture, was now more complex because it included the impact on the people of SMT; people who had worked diligently and creatively to keep things going. The case traces Brad Clancey’s career arc from a typical early career analyst to a more reflective leader and manager. While the decision is not atypical of managerial decision making – should Clancey’s company be sold and if so, to whom and how; other factors now add to the complexity of Clancey’s ultimate decision.